Active Rain February 13, 2011

I’m Getting Old!

Two quick things in the past 24 hours that made me feel just a tad old. One cute, one not so cute. 

Not so cute: One of my agents fired a client today (yes, we do that in some cases) because, frankly, they were too immature. Newlyweds, lots of good reasons to have hope for a good deal there, although unrealistic, which is forgivable, but disrespectful, which is not good at all. My associate broker is a consummate professional, took the high road at all times, was patient, and then spoke with me about a few things that were red flags. We decided it was best to ask them to find other representation. I can educate people on the market. I cannot educate people on how to act. Not surprisingly, their visceral reaction to being given free agency back only confirmed our suspicions. 

Maybe someday they’ll see their folly. Just saying that makes me sound like my dad. 

On the positive side, I also met this morning with a young couple to discuss the sale of their condo. Early on in our conversation it was clear that I’ve logged a few more laps around the block than they; relatively recent college graduates, even more recently married, and looking to sell the condo to move up to a single home with a yard. It’s really hard to believe that grown people could graduate college almost 20 years after I did! I sure don’t feel old enough to be their, um, uncle, but I am! 

This couple will be a pleasure. They get it, and I will enjoy helping them plan a good future home for their family once we sell now. 

The way younger people are so future-centric makes me think. The younger they are, the more they talk about the future and their plans. The older we get, unfortunately, the more we speak of the past.

Want to feel young? Focus on the future.