Active Rain February 12, 2011

You Might Want to Update Your Picture

Upon occasion, I meet an agent for the first time and they look nothing like their picture on their website or card. Let’s face it…real estate agents are notorious for having absurdly old photos of themselves for way too long. It’s hard to tell someone that they look like the grandmother of the person on their marketing pieces, so for those of you out there that we’ve been too polite to say it to bluntly, here are a few indications that you might want to get a new photo of yourself. 

                          Update your business card photo!
  • If you call to get a reprint and are told the glass plates broke. 
  • The watermark is actually from, you know, water. 
  • You recall the news of the day it was taken mentioned the Suez Canal, Neil Armstrong, or Watergate.
  • You are wearing a small lapel pin of the Brooklyn Dodgers.
  • When you meet an agent of the opposite sex in person they are far less flirtatious than they were on the phone. 
  • When you meet an agent for the first time they do a double take. 
  • When you see your own photo, you start to hum something from the Carpenters. 
  • You have a rotary phone up to your ear.
  • Your jacket is sky blue.
  • There is something made of macrame behind you
  • You have big hair.
  • You distinctly remember driving home from the photographer in an AMC Gremlin.
  • It was taken on film and scanned later. 
Seriously…update that photo! You aren’t fooling anyone! 
                        Update your photo already.