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Phil’s Top 10 Posts of 2010

David Popoff has written an intriguing post, asking us what our top 10 posts o 2010 were. His metric was clicks, but you could, I suppose also do a list for comments. Comments don’t make me money, so I’ll stick with clicks also. Here are my top 10:


  1. The Money You “Lost” in Your Price Reduction Wasn’t Real                   6916 
  2. Male Agents are From Mars: Advice for Wives of Agents                       5021
  3. Why Tons of Buyers Are Screwing Up                                                    4597
  4. 2 Things Listing Agents Should Never Say on Accompanied Showings  3875
  5. What Makes a Short Sale Specialist?                                                     2826
  6. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Taking Flat Fee Listings                 2536
  7. Sellers Should Pay Closing Costs Only When Buyer Needs It                2353
  8. Do Me A Teensy Weensy Little Favor                                                     2254
  9. Why do Buyers Make Lowball Offers?                                                    2207
  10. 10 Day Short Sale Rule                                                                          1833
I have other favorites, but those are the top 10 decided by the clicking public.