Active Rain November 27, 2010

Westchester to Build Affordable Housing in Larchmont

Just over a year ago, Westchester County settled a lawsuit with the government that called for it to build 750 affordable housing units in mostly white part of the county. The background of the case is lengthy and the local discussion of the matter has been heated in some quarters. The bottom line was a promise from the county to put over $50 million toward the housing. 

Earlier this month, plans were announced to build a 51-unit complex in Larchmont, replacing a project which would only have 5 of the 51 units be deemed “affordable”. Larchmont is small, just over a square mile, and has a population of 7,000. There is a concern about development and environmental impact among residents, but I doubt that the project will not go forward. Other towns have plans for expanding affordable housing as a result of the settlement as well, and while you can’t fight city hall, city hall can’t beat Uncle Sam. 

There will be more on this as the remaining 699 units get planned and developed.