Active Rain November 18, 2010

Ah Sweet Mystery of Life At Last I Have Found You

Name: James XXXXX
Email Address:
Subject: I am a cash buyer of short sales
Message: I am a cash buyer of short sale properties. I must deal with the listing agent and also be able to communicate directly with the property owner. If you are between me and the listing agent it will be your responsibility to work-out a business relationship with him outside of my relationship with that same listing agent. 
Have you listed a short sale property?
1) Is it a qualified short sale? Is the owner able to prove insolvency?
2) Is the titled holder a living human being? I cannot deal with legal entities. I must be dealing with a live human being. 
3) Is the owner willing and agreeable to working out a solution to his problem? I other words: is he motivated to solve his problem?
If yes to these questions; then, I will buy his property. 
Perhaps we can do some business together sometime. 

An introduction:
I am an investor. I purchase short sale properties from the listing agent and pay the full allowed commission plus 1%. I must do the negotiating with the bank – is that OK with you? 

Can I help your client by purchasing his home as a short sale?

I then resell the property using the same listing agent. In other words they get paid twice on the same property. And this can happen in just a couple of months.

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