Active Rain November 10, 2010

Rouse Your Facebook Presence with Roost

I have blogged before about Facebook business pages and how they differ from your personal profile. Now, new applications are coming into prominence that can make your Facebook business page even more robust and appealing, such as the Roost application now used by almost 20,000 agents already.

Home Search Tab from Roost

What the application does is add a “Home Search” tab to your page, and once clicked on, it opens an option rich, thematically colored custom page right within Facebook giving search options and other links.

It is sharp. It is emphatically an application for your business page, not your personal page. Here is a screenshot of my Roost tab:

Roost on J. Philip Real Estate business Page

The full page has more features than the screen shot shows, and the search tab goes directly to my IDX solution. This is a concrete, tangible way of converting Facebook fans to buyer client prospects. It is the call to action you are looking for, and it isn’t a tacky, spammy come-on. It is  professional, attractive looking, and personally branded.  

Facebook’s terms of service specifically prohibit using your personal page for business, so a business page is essential. Moreover, many of us want to keep our personal Facebook presence separate from our business efforts. This is a powerful means of doing just that. It is getting competitive out there, and I like the presentation that the Roost tool gives me on Facebook. 

Set up (one-time) $150.

Monthly cost: $24.88

This is for the customized broker version I have. 

This was not a paid endorsement.