Active Rain November 9, 2010

Wanna Follr Me?

J. Philip Faranda's Social Business Card is a social business card you can get that is like an online directory of everywhere you can be found, from AIM to Zillow and everything in between: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google profile, Foursquare,Wordpress, you name it. It is developed by Active Rainer Stephen Fells and is the true one-stop shop for those of us who either suffer from button overload or like a cleaner footer. 

My Handle is

The platform is a comprehensive stop on the information highway for your entire social media directory, your contact information, web page, and even a brief bio. While I have a 100% complete rating on the professional side, I am sure there are more sites I could add to my profile. But the big ones are all there. 

The company also offers a fantastic single property website system, Agency Logic Powersites, which helped me get a property under contract recently. I will expound on that in a future post. 

This was not a paid endorsement, by the way, and although Mr. Fells and I are chums my only compensation is satisfaction with the product.