Active Rain October 29, 2010

A Moment in the Life

<phone rings>

This is Phil Faranda, can I help you? 

Yes. I am looking at a house. 

OK. How can I help you? 

I want to know more about the house. 

Are you in front of the house now? Are you at a computer? 

Computer. It doesn’t give an address. 

What web page are you on? Can you email me a link? 

No email, it says solid house on quiet street…

What web page ?

Google. No address. 

Does it sat a city? Or a price? 

Yes, it does. Yonkers, multi family, $300,000. Near Yonkers Avenue. 

OH! Ok, that is 55 Chestnut. It is a 4-family. 

OK, where is it? 

55 Chestnut, Yonkers. 

Where is that? 

55 Chestnut Yonkers, off Yonkers Avenue. I can’t get more specific than that. 

Yes, but what’s it near? I want to make sure the area is OK. 

Why don’t you drive by? Does your car have a GPS you can put that dress into? 

I don’t drive. 

(10, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3…)


Can I call you later when I’m in front of my computer? I can look at the map and give you more specifics and what bus stops it is near. 

Would you do that? That would help so much. 

Yes, I will. 

My name is Susan and my number is (914) 555-1212. 

I’ll call you tonight Susan. Good bye. 

Thanks! Good bye!