Active Rain October 18, 2010

Memphis Mae’s Restaurant

Memphis Mae'sSince I have Croton on the mind, I’ll share a recent “date night” Ann and I had recently.

Hey. Get your mind out of the gutter. That’s my job.

We went to Memphis Mae’s, a terrific Barbecue Restaurant right in the heart of the village with fantastic ribs, wings, pulled pork, Cajun food, and plenty more. 

The decor is very nice: tin ceiling, nice, clean bar (no TV. This is not a pub, and they don’t push for a bar crowd. They are about the food), and Mardis Gras beads adorn the fixtures. 

You can get anything from a snack of wings all the way up to a nice steak dinner with all the side dishes you can think of. They have all the things you might expect, like chili, catfish and brisket, but they are creative as well: we had barbecue calamari and fried oysters. As a matter of fact, the choices and combinations were mind boggling. Click on the link and check out their menu. Or, you can check out the menu here, as modeled by the lovely (and shy) former Ms. Lee. 

Memphis Mae's

The prices were very reasonable as well. 

Memphis Mae’s is located at Croton Commons, 173 South Riverside Ave, Croton on Hudson, NY 10520. They can be reached at 914-271-0125. 

Memphis Mae's