Active Rain September 25, 2010

Death of an ex-Client

The ViewI just found out that a former client passed away. 

This was not just anyone; he was a father, a grandfather, and the house he listed with me was the home his grandfather bought in the 1940’s. I loved that house, and I liked Joel a great deal as well. It was a rare home for our area: it was a beautiful stone home on 5 acres, and in the breakfast room Joel told me how the wild turkeys would see a colorful blanket through the window and try and eat it, hitting their beaks on the glass. 

He never moved the blanket. 

Joel’s original art was throughout the house, and one got he feeling of peace and serenity just being there. The sun porch was his favorite place, and he even had an old stove there for the winter time. He spoke of how he would someday return the stove to New England, which was a deal he made with the guy who sold the stove to him. 

It never sold. I got an offer once early, but it fell through, and I continued to market it for another year and change. It came off, and I didn’t hear from Joel for a time. I drove by with a new trainee at one point, and ran into my friend again, who invited us in. He had a bout with cancer, he was engaged to a woman he loved, and he was ready to sell again. SO- we relisted the house at an aggressive price…and the economy tanked. 

After another generous term on market with no sale, my friend had to switch horses, which I never begrudged, and I saw some enormous price reductions which worried me that he might not want to secretly keep the house, it again expired. I knew the other agent, and we spoke recently. He informed me that we lost Joel last year. 

This is the first time I have learned of a client’s passing. We never did a transaction but he was a good, kind guy and I liked him a bunch. Yet again, I’ll say it. God takes his best work back early.