Active Rain September 21, 2010

Wall Street Journal is Bullish on Buying a Home

I have meant to post this earlier. On September 16 the Wall Street Journal posted 10 reasons to Buy a Home, and the article is sound advice. What is good about it is the even keeled nature of the piece- real estate isn’t a 1-way ticket to dreamsville, but it is a savvy move for more than just financial reasons. Finally! Some sanity.

My favorite reason to buy a home was number 3: You’ll save on your taxes. They’ll repeal the mortgage interest tax deduction on the 12th of never, believe me.  

My favorite non-financial reason to buy a home: It’s yours. That is a powerful thing, ownership, and if you doubt me go check out a home that has been rented for the past 5 years as opposed to an owner occupant. 

In a world where online financial advice is a cesspool of garbage like “what your agent hope you’ll never find out” and other assorted nonsense of that vintage, this was refreshing, true, and timely.