Active Rain September 19, 2010

I’m a Dad!!!!

No, we weren’t expecting another one- I’m a BLOGGING dad!

This morning, as I perused the Active Rain features, I almost fell off my chair. I am so used to seeing Tom’s face that I almost didn’t notice, but there, 6 posts down the page from my own post, was Tom Ricapito, licensed agent with none other than J. Philip Real Estate, FEATURED!!! 

My guy was featured!!!

OKOK now take it easy Phil, so many thoughts -don’t make it about you – OK maybe just a little-

I’ve been telling this SO- um encouraging Tom to blog for so long and OH! Can I call him? no no it’s 7am on a Sunday he’ll kill you, now inhale, inhale, wait EXHALE, inhale, exhale- Wake Ann up? who is awake? 

Is anyone awake? 

Nobody is awake this sucks. Text? TEXT YES Text him! perfect! Email him! get a screenshot!! Will it fit? Adjust DPI to make it fit? It fits! OK…saaaaaave. Screenshot saved. 


Control yorself Phil 

what to say what to say ok He’s a GOOD guy…first agent I hired, very honorable, team player, hard worker, good attitude, breathe, breathe would SOMEONE wake up before I have an aneurysm over here? 

Was my comment OK? Don’t be a jerk and take him down a peg  be nice, be nice, I remember those people he’s writing about, yes, I recall we spoke, not about me, not about me….

Ann is up? Stirring upstairs? No? I can’t call Tom? Common sense? B-b-ut but. NO! No I didn’t call him. I DIDN’T call him I said. I texted him. I emailed. Of course I got a screenshot. NO! They must have done it at like 4am, this is the first I saw it. 


Yes. Tom was the first agent I ever hired, I think it was back in 2006. I have encouraged him, like many other agents in the firm, to follow my lead and blog. He has blogged himself some and is, in my estimation, a good, thoughtful observer with a sense of irony that mirrors my own. He is a team player, a great listener, an extremely likable guy, has a ethics compass powered by a 220 line with a backup generator, and is smart enough to call me whenever he has a question. 

And his blog got featured this morning. His broker is pretty proud of him and very excited. 

My apologies to the other good folks on whose good work I smeared red pixels. I couldn’t contain myself, and I want to hand out cigars. 


We're taking over!