Active Rain September 13, 2010

Peekskill Dog Splash September 25, 2010 10am-Noon

I have blogged about the Peekskill Dog Park before. It just happens to be the creation of clients of mine. The story is that they got the city to dedicate underused parkland to an attraction that gets dozens of users a week. 

In 12 days, the park will have its 2nd annual fundraiser, the Peekskill Dog Splash. It will actually take place at the lake at Depew Park, and all dogs will have a chance to splash around and swim and have a good time. There will be a complimentary dog wash station, so your wet dog will go home smelling fresh and clean, which, frankly, you know you could use about now. Admit it.

Depew Park

If your dog is a little breed, there will be kiddie pools. There will also be music, giveaways, and you’ll meet plenty of other dog aficionados and dog-o-philes who walk on their hind legs. 

Pre registration is required, so go to and get your pooch in. Registration is $10, which is almost free in dog dollars. We are still enjoying nice weather in this area, and I’d expect late September to be a bit of a last hurrah for some of us in the “getting out and doing something special with our dog” department. They give us unconditional love, and they earned a play date.