Active Rain September 12, 2010

iPad as a Help for Children with Autism

Ann announced today that she’d like us to get a iPad for Gregory. She emailed me a link of 10 apps for iPad which can help children on the Spectrum. Looking over the apps, they strike me as excellent, and right down Gregory’s alley. He responds to interactive, and just mastered the mouse a few weeks ago- what a difference in our lives. 

We have a teacher supply store in a nearby city with tons of ABA sorts of toys, and Gregory is also progressing on’s more rudimentary interactive activities, but the big breakthrough was his recent grasp of the mouse. Prior to that it required our full-time assistance. 

Ironic, as I understand that iPad does not use a mouse. Regardless, the outcome is crucial to us, and anyting that will develop and enrich is a welcome thing. 

Oh, and we can use the thing too, which certainly doesn’t suck!!!