Active Rain September 3, 2010

Meet My New Friend Matt

Out of area phone calls could be anyone- a bank negotiator, out of town prospect, or a client on a business trip, so I answer. 

Me: J. Philip Real Estate, this is Phil.
Dude: Hey Phil! This is Matt with Kerfuzzle Promotions in beautiful Colorado, how are YOU DOING TODAY?!?!
There was silence as he waited for my answer. I’m sure he really does care that I am having a good day. 
Me: I’m fine Matt. What can I do for you. 
Dude: Phil, I was cruising on ACTIVE RAIN this morning and I have to tell you that I am one of your admirers! I am loving your comments, especially the one you left for Ed Silva on his HYPER LOCAL post. I checked out your profile, and you are a GENIUS with the meta tags! Your Profile has fantastic tags for Google to pick up on! I clocked on your website and it’s also GREAT!! The ONE thing I’d suggest, is that while you have a contact form on your front page, there really isn’t a compelling reason for anyone to fill it out! Phil, I have a fantastic idea for you. 

Now, you’d be surprised to find out how much went through my mind in that brief pause as my counterpart inhaled between hot air ejection. I can see him now: A half -finished bottle of red bull on his cubicle desk, an MP-3 player on the side with music I would enjoy as much as a loud fart in an elevator, headgear on his head, and the latest version of “Grand Theft Auto” in his home gaming system. This guy’s idea will be as helpful as irritable bowls. But he’s done his homework with the lingo. 
Dude: Phil, CAN YOU IMAGINE the incredible response you would get if you could offer a weekend getaway vacation as an incentive? An all paid-for, all-inclusive 3-day-

Me: Matt.  
Dude: Mmm? 

Me: Matt, how could I reconcile a paid for vacation with the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act? . 
Dude: Phil, um, that’s the great thing, it’s just an incentive to um, 

Me: Matt. Why don’t you call Farley or Fernandez, or whoever else is on your list. And I wish you wouldn’t use Active Rain to harvest your leads, either. Not cool. 
Dude: Phil, I TOTALLY