Active Rain August 28, 2010

You Never Know

Guy being led away in cuffs

Perhaps because we speak with so many people in the course of a day, the odds of something memorable happening are far higher for brokers and agents than someone stuck in a cubicle all week. For example, a few months ago in Manhattan I walked out of a deli and saw a guy being arrested. 

On my car.

Arrested I see every so often. Frisked and cuffed on my car? That was a first. 

Today was another (happier) first. I was walking through a new listing that was tenant occupied. They actually weren’t staying in the house. It was filled to the gills with all kinds of filming equipment- cameras, screens, chairs, and props. One of the tenants was present, and he filled me in on the unique goings on. 

He asked if I was aware of what he was doing, and exoplained he was a filmmaker. Well, it turns out that the cottage is sort of command central for on location filming for an upcoming suspense thriller. I joked that I’d make a good man on park bench. He laughed, and said if I really was game, he needed an extra for a scene. I was invited back to the location where they were filming, and met the director and producer. It turns out that the director is on the faculty of the Lee Strasburg Institute and NYU- not too shabby. I met the other extras, they set up a little lounge for us with food and refreshments, and we wrapped after about 3 hours- good thing I had a light Friday planned. 

Maybe this is my big break! 

Hollywood doesn’t have enough nasal voiced leading men with glasses who are shorter than the leading lady.