Active Rain August 21, 2010

Milestone in JPhilipville

She passed!Three days ago, after 43 years of life, 9 years of marriage, and 4 children, Ann passed her drivers test. I know it may sound crazy that a suburban wife and mother, to say nothing of a partner in an active brokerage didn’t drive, but that was how things were. When we met in 1999, Ann lived in Queens, New York, and many city folk don’t drive because they don’t need to with the subway, buses and cabs available. And that was how it was with her. We moved to Westchester not long after we got married, but we kept putting off the license because of babies, business, babies, life, and, um, babies.

Suddenly, it was 2010, we had 4 children who needed shuttling to everything, and we had only one crazed driver and a stir crazy mom at home. It wasn’t easy taking the kids to activities and being there for every grocery trip. So, this summer, with all the kids at camp and no pregnancy to deal with, we prepared Ann in earnest for the test. Not to take it; to pass it. There was plenty of practice, good coaching from yours truly, and about 100 parallel parks. In early August I told Ann she was ready and to register for her test. It was a little scary, but we got August 17 as the Big Day. She passed with flying colors. 

On the way home, we both exhaled like we had after one of the kids was born. THAT’s over. I told her I bought my last maxi pad, and she laughed. She’s already taken Catherine to the grocery, run errands, and taken the brood to the park. She has the ability to get out of the house now, and I no longer have to worry if I am not close and someone needs to be driven. Like many good changes, we wonder how we did it before. 

Look out world