Active Rain August 7, 2010

“We Have Many Unfulfilled Buyers and Sellers”

A local company here sends out a recruiting email upon occasion, which I typically delete, since I already work for the best boss in the world. The owner is a good guy and I respect his efforts to grow his enterprise. I can relate. I’m just not a candidate. Yesterday, I decided to unsubscribe to his emails (does that ever work?) and out of an idle moment of curiosity, I clicked on his company MLS profile. It was mostly a recruiting blurb about how busy they are and how they are swimming in leads with not enough agents to cover them all. Here’s the last bit of the profile word for word:

We have too many leads and not enough agents to handle them. We have many unfulfilled buyers and sellers.

I know what he means, but just a thought: it might be wise to rephrase that last sentence just a tad.