Active Rain July 26, 2010

I Love White Plains

I love White Plains and White Plains loves me. 

Closed July 14: 16 Manor Ave, White Plains, NY. I have blogged about this one before. I was the selling agent. I sold my clients’ White Plains Co op apartment last year in Bryant Gardens and we lost 2 other bids before landing this beautiful ranch in the Rosedale section off Mamaroneck Avenue. It was a process that took from February 2009 until July 2010. What a trip! 

J. Philip Real Estate

Closed July 20: 11 Woodbrook Rd, White Plains, NY. This was a For Sale by Owner I contacted and listed within a week. The sellers are terrific people who took every piece of advice I gave them, and kept the place in showable condition every waking moment. No showings were denied, no issues with walking through, and we got a buyer in April. There were challenges with getting the buyers to the closing table, but close it did. $630,000. 

J Philip Real Estate Sells White Plains

Accepted Offer, July 21: 19 Old Mamaroneck Road 5k, White Plains. This co op apartment in Overlook Towers was a listing referral from another client whose house I sold in Port Chester not long ago. It was only 45 days on market and contracts have gone out. White Plains has lots of co op complexes but not all are pet friendly. 19 Old Mamaroneck is pet friendly, and that must have helped. 

J Philip Real Estate Sells White Plains co ops

I’ve done plenty of other business in White Plains but that was July’s activity so far. How does a broker up in Briarcliff Manor sell so many homes in White Plains? I don’t have an office in White Plains and I don’t live there. But my cyber presence in White Plains is pretty good, and the neighborhood where people window shop is online. That’s how I am in White Plains, and that’s why I’ll continue to sell there. 

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