Active Rain July 25, 2010

Just Give Me These Three Things and We’ll be Fine

Cynthia Larsen wrote a post I almost missed (but caught, because I subscribe to her) about an agent that left a voice mail message with no name and number. I feel the same way and expressed it before in a different context. It really isn’t rocket science, but many agents still don’t get that when they call, I need to know three things:

  1. Your Name

  2. Your firm or address

  3. Your number, if leaving a message

I need coffeeThe biggest offender actually isn’t consumers, but agents. I don’t know if it because they read their own headlines, don’t consider that this is a business, or aren’t trained. I once had a call from a guy who was a a huge (top 20 out of 7000) producer who I thought was a rookie because he didn’t tell me where he worked, and for the first minute I didn’t know he was an agent. I asked him if he was new, and he seemed dismayed and told me he was the top producer in what I recognized to be a great office. I felt bad at first, but you know what? He should know better. 

We speak with people all day, every day. Even a doctor looks at a patients chart when he walks into their hospital room. I need a reference point. I do not have infallible software up here, and as a matter of fact if you reach me I am probably in the middle of an active day running a brokerage, being a father of four, and dealing with what is in front of me. So tell me your name, firm or address, and your number if leaving a message

It seems simple, but as I commented on Cynthia’s blog I think the US will convert to the Metric System before all agents (let alone the public) learn this. I wasn’t waiting all day for your call. Help me out so I can help you. My alternative is forensics. 

  • Name,

  • Firm or address

  • Phone number

One more time:

  • Name

  • Firm or address

  • Phone number

The times I answer you don’t even need to give your number! And the same goes for texts! I may not recognize “I need to know if we are confirmed for Friday at 3” from 9145551212!