Active Rain July 18, 2010

J. Philip Interviewed by Journal News about Mad Men TV Series

Last September I wrote a blog post about the AMC TV Series Mad Men and its connections to my home town of Ossining, NY where the main characters’ home is set. The post was picked up by and a number of other sites, including my local paper. With the 4th season of Mad Men starting next week, our local paper contacted me again and did a Sunday Spread on the show’s connection to Westchester County, and Ossining in particular. They met 4 of us, including the mayor at the Ossining Train station last week and we had fun on camera talking about the show.

One of the things I discuss is my view of where the Draper’s fictional house is most likely set, as Bullet Hole Road is nonexistent. A local historian, Norman McDonald, opined that their home is set in Chilmark; nothing would thrill me more, since that is where I live. However, there are several reasons why that wouldn’t work, not the least of which is that the Chilmark neighborhood is in Briarcliff Manor- not Ossining. Also, their daughter attends Brookside school, which is not where a child from Chilmark would attend in that day and age. The Drapers live in a pre war home – Chilmark was built from 1960-62. They would have lived on or near Justamere Drive in my view up by Maryknoll. Both neighborhoods have a street named “Orchard.” It is a fun debate.

There are many other connections,  such as the Ossining Reservoir, Cedar lane, the old A & P Market, and my beloved carvel Ice Cream. There will be new references and when the new season starts next Sunday I’ll be sure to blog about them.

Note to self: hit the gym. The camera may add pounds but mix in a salad!