Active Rain July 14, 2010

White Plains Makes Money’s Top 100

Hat tip to Craig Rutman:

Money Magazine has ranked America’s top 100 small cities to live and White Plains came in ranked #53 . I am closing on a home in White Plains tomorrow as a matter of fact, with another closing later this month, and I do believe that Money has it right with this pick. White Plains in the county seat, has a fantastic mix of residential, shopping, and an exciting downtown, and a strong housing market even in these times. You can get a single family home, a high rise condo, or an affordable co op in a classy building here, and the taxes are low for Westchester. 

Downtown White Plains in the Distance

A beautiful White Plains home in Rosedale

I have blogged about White Plains previously and will continue to be active in that market. I knew all along what Money magazine is reporting- White Plains is a great place to live.