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Yorktown NY Real Estate Market June 2010

Yorktown is a larger town in north Westchester County between Cortlandt and Somers. It is is very suburban in character- think post-war/baby boom subdivisions with ranches, splits and raised ranches and with larger colonials in the newer developments. It is served primarily by the Yorktown and Lakeland school districts, and it has abundant shopping and parks. Yorktown has always been a popular place to land for southern Westchester and Bronx residents who wanted to move north to the “burbs” seeking a quieter lifestyle. Downtown Yorktown Heights is located at the intersections of routes 202 and 118 and is home to the Triangle shopping Center, the iconic Friendly’s, The Pennysaver of northern Westchester, and plenty of other commerce.


This data is for the Yorktown school district only and is taken from the Westchester-Putnam Multiple Listing Service. It compares the sales of single family homes from June of 2010 to June of 2009.

Simply put, Yorktown had a positively enormous June this year, more than doubling last year’s transaction total and increasing the median price by almost $20,000. To give you some perspective, at the height of the bubble in June 2005 there were 21 closings. With 22 homes under contract production has far from cooled off. 

Yorktown Real Estate Market June 2010			  

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