Active Rain July 6, 2010

Bronx, NY: 161st and River: Babe Ruth Has Moved

I had the opportunity to attend a Yankee game the other day with a fellow broker owner (we don’t all hate each other) at the New Yankee Stadium. We took the brand new Metro North Hudson line down from Croton on Hudson and arrived in about 40 minutes. The stop was a long time coming (before they had only a subway stop, and the subway doesn’t run in Westchester), and you have to walk a little ways to get to the new Yard across the street from the old park. On the way, I passed by a familiar place and made a discovery that was a bit somber…I had to take a few pictures at what has become of hallowed ground and the home of many happy memories.  

Old Yankee Stadium is no more: 

Old Yankee Stadium Site

The most famous real estate in the Bronx. After a year of dismantling, old Yankee Stadium is just a vacant field. I don’t know what they’ll put there. However, for those of you familiar with the old park, one thing remains intact: 

The Bat

For the record, the Bronx Bombers beat the Mariners 4-2. They broke open a tie game in the bottom of the 8th and the Great Mariano shut the door in the 9th. Just another day at the office for the greatest reliever that ever put on spikes and the best franchise in baseball.