Active Rain July 4, 2010

New Rochelle, NY: A.J.’s Burgers

AJs burgers and America's favorite foods

About a year ago, while driving a client and her toddler up from Manhattan around Westchester looking at homes, I got a flat tire on North Avenue in New Rochelle. This is not a welcome occurrence for obvious reasons, but North Avenue is also very busy. As I began to put my car in jacks, several workers from a restaurant came across the street and offered to help. I looked over at their boss, and he nodded. 6 hands are better than 1, and I was back on the road in a jiffy. I made a mental note to stop by, and proceeded to forget. 

Two weeks ago, I had lunch with an attorney to whom I recently sold a house in the neighborhood, and she suggested me meet at AJ’s Burgers on North Avenue. I didn’t put it together until I met her, but this was the same place from my car incident last year. I had a burger, which was delicious- perfectly cooked, tangy, lightly seasoned and melted in my mouth. And the fries were not heavy, seasoned and still had the potato skin. Yum. My friend proceeded to tell me that AJ’s had been her 2nd home while her kitchen was renovated. One look at the menu explained it. You had plenty of choices if you kept coming back. It isn’t just a burger joint. 

AJs burgers and America's favorite foodsreturned to AJ’s Burgers again this past week and had a pulled pork sandwich with the house-made sauce. It was exquisite-tangy, slightly sweet, and tender. Just so you know it isn’t a house dedicated to clogged arteries, there are always steamed veggies and spinach available, and I loved the spinach. They also have cajun chicken. That’s next on my list. 

This time I got a chance to speak with AJ himself, and thank him for the help with the tire a year ago, as well as hear more about his place. They make their own desserts, and they smoke the meats right on the premises. The ice cream and sherbet is exceptional as well. They cater, deliver, and do take out. Not only that, they have a breakfast menu, and are open 24 hours Wednesday through Saturday. For our area, the price is right too. Dinners are served not on a plate but a warm skillet, which sets the place apart. Actually, there is much that sets AJ’s Burgers apart, and I’ll be going back in the near future.

AJs Burgers is located at 542 North Avenue, New Rochelle, not far from Iona College. Call them at (914) 235 3009.

I ate the sandwich too fast to take the picture. The fries were awesome too.