Active Rain July 1, 2010

YES We Do Rentals

This post is inspired by Mark Boyd’s thoughts on short sales. I don’t understand why agents say no to business they are perfectly capable of handling (or referring). Mark’s beef is with short sales, and having done plenty, I agree. I would also add rentals to the mix. I often hear agents say they don’t do rentals, often because they don’t pay enough. Well, excuse me. Even if you are swamped, the least you could do is refer that prospect to someone who can help them

J Philip Real Estate Does RentalsI used to rent. Now I own. You probably used to rent. Today’s renters are tomorrows buyers. They are also people who need a home, just like you and me. I have had past rental clients call me up to buy when the time came, and they all say the same thing. They called me because I treated them with respect the first time around. I don’t personally handle every rental inquiry that comes into the company, nor do I handle every sale. But anyone who contacts my firm to do business will be treated like a million dollar client. That is our commitment. 

We are open for business, and we are open for rental business. We represent landlords and tenants alike. We’ll do rentals in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess and the Bronx. We are working on opening a merchant credit verification account to assist with rental applications. We mean it. My company is all about putting a roof over your head. I deal in homes, and my bottom line is more long term than the disparity between a sale and a rental fee.