Active Rain July 1, 2010

Ossining Reservoir in June 2010

I have blogged about the Ossining reservoir before. I grew up a block away and rode my bike around it when it was an overgrown mess. It was rededicated as a park about 10 years ago. It was mentioned in the TV series Mad Men, as the Drapers live in Ossining in that program. I actually got a fair bit of attention when I wrote about the many historically accurate references from that fictional show to the reality of Ossining history. That’s all good, but what’s better is actually being there. I drove past a few days ago and took a nice pause at my childhood haunt.

Ossining Reservoir

You can see the infamous water tanks in the back. They were sky blue and covered with graffiti when I was a kid. Now you hardly notice them. However, they did put the reservoir out of a job when they replaced it as the primary water source for the village in the 1960s. 

Ossining Reservoir

The pace is never vacant- there is always someone else walking, running, or reflecting.  

Ossining reservoir park

I still live a few blocks away, and it remains one of my favorite places. I am not alone. You can read more about the history of the Reservoir in one of my earlier posts