Active Rain June 24, 2010

NY Department of State Declares Cease and Desist Zones for Real Estate Solicitations

Parts of the Bronx and Queens have been deemed by NY Secretary of State to be “cease and desist” zones where it is unlawful for real estate licensees to make phone calls, mail flyers or engage in any other activity soliciting business. This is far more wide a prohibition than a Do Not Call list. It is the government forbidding licensees to call, mail or otherwise contact homeowners. They can’t call expired listings. They can’t call For Sale By Owners. 

The justification of the move, which came after 3 public hearings, was “intense and repeated solicitation.” People who want to be on the cease and desist list can register with the Department of State and licensees are then required to ensure that anyone they are contacting is not on the list. These zones are in force for 5 years. There was already one in Brooklyn. The exact geographic areas can be found on the Department of State website.