Active Rain June 22, 2010

Leveraging Your Track Record.

There are several must-have components of a good expired listing campaign, such as consistency, a wide footprint, a unique value, and several other things, but one thing that is essential once you are in front of a prospective listing is to have them understand that you are good. You specialize in selling homes other brokers could not sell, you are the agent the people wished they knew the first time they listed, and you turn things around for unsuccessful home sellers. 

In my experience, one of the most compelling things a seller needs to see in their new agent is a proven track record. Not just claims from you that you are the bees knees, but proof in black and white that you kick tail and take names. 

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Proof in front of their eyes gives people confidence that you are the real deal. When people are confident in you, they sign with you. Moreover, showing your track record keeps you from having to debate people about your methodology or rebutting something another agent said.  

If you’ve been in the business for any period of time you can leverage your past successes forever and ever. They’ll always belong to you. Even if something was sold 3-4 years ago, it is your sale, your experience, and your  flag to wave. Capitalize on it. Print out your history as long as you need to go to get a decent list. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t recent. An impressive list of sales gets their attention and, more importantly, their confidence. It is the perfect rebuttal to a clever pitch from another agent or a peculiar objection from a seller who is probably over-thinking things because they failed the last time with the last broker. 

Expired sellers don’t want to make the same mistake twice. Last time, they listed with a friend, co worker, relative, part timer, or indifferent floor time guy. Set yourself apart and flash your credentials. Wave those sales under their nose and let them know that they can be added to the list if they hire you. The agents you are competing with probably won’t have the same list, and therefore probably won’t appear as seasoned and accomplished. When people are disillusioned with their last agent, they want someone who inspires their confidence. Nothing inspires confidence like success! 

You can also attach the list to a mailer to expireds to get the phone to ring and cultivate more listing appointments. .