Active Rain June 6, 2010

Welcome to Westchester County

I belong or have belonged to the Greater Rochester Association of Realtors (GRAR), the Long Island Board of Realtors (LIBOR), Orange County Association of Realtors (OCAR) and MLS systems in Connecticut, the Hudson Valley and all through Metro New York spanning over one dozen counties or boroughs in 2 states. In my experience, the professionalism of Westchester brokers and agents is second to none, and we should be proud of our collegiality, ethics, and cooperative spirit. 

I heard it said best that we are not simply in competition because we work at different brokerages, we are “co-op-atition.” I think that says it all. 

Please feel free to post your locally focused blog posts, market reports, rants, war stories, pats on the back, self congratulations, and anything else that is on your mind. 

If I can personally be of any assistance to anyone in this forum please do not hesitate to reach out.