Active Rain April 21, 2010

Being Present and “This Isn’t It”

I did the training back in 1989 so forgive me if my nomenclature isn’t 2010.

I recall being in a seminar in the 90’s and being told that being in the present could best be illustrated by a dog falling from the top of the skyscraper…the thought was that rather than being fearful, the pooch would instead be amazed at how cool the wind felt in his fur, just like a better version of riding in the car with the window opened. 

No one has tested the theory. I hope. 

I blogged about an Aha Moment my wife had with our dog last week. There was a transformation from Detente to affection, and he hasn’t been the same dog since, and that is in a good way. Dog are very present. They only know the here and now. Wherever they go, this is it.

At least, until this morning.

After the 3 older ones were on the bus, Ann decided to putter around the yard with Mark, our 3-year-old.  The back yard is fenced, but the front isn’t as safe for a dog, so Max had to remain inside with me. And that wasn’t it. “It” was outside with Mommy and Mark. The poor dog wanted to go outside in the worst way, and wasn’t at all into being with me anymore. Max wanted to trade up. This wasn’t it. That was it. 

Dogs remain the noblest creatures in God’s menagerie, but Max became a bit more human today.