Active Rain April 19, 2010

A Modest Real Estate Proposal

I am not a big staging guy. I simply don’t have the eye for it, and it is best left to professional stagers. I know a few tricks- tidy up, clear off the table and counter tops, put the toilet lid down, that sort of thing. I don’t care if people have their kids pictures on the fridge, or family photos on the stairway wall. That makes the place a home. Some disagree. That’s just my feeling. 

There is one thing I saw today, however, that I am pretty sure is a no-no. 

I think that taping your bankruptcy papers to the wall next to your desk might be a bad move. Just a hunch. Especially if you are having the house held open from 1-5pm that day. 

The un-staged desk Oops

Hopefully, the agent hosting the open walked through the house and caught this. We arrived early and did not walk through with her. But I’m pretty sure this might be a bad idea. 

So I propose adding a new rule to the lexicon of home selling. Choose a good agent. Price it right. Be accessible for showings. 

And hide the bankruptcy papers.