Active Rain April 12, 2010

Riverdale Riding Club- The Horse Ranch of the Bronx

As contrary as “Horses” and “The Bronx” might sound, there is in fact a very notable riding club in Riverdale, right on Broadway. Riverdale Equestrian Centre is right there at the Intersection of Broadway and 254th Street, with an enormous facility at the north side of Van Cortlandt Park. 

It is an impressive set up. The club itself is on 21 acres, with 62 horse stalls. They have 8 paddocks, 4 riding rings, an indoor arena, and there is immediate access to Van Cortlandt Park’s 1000+ acres with miles of trails. They offer a summer camp, an after school program, and lessons for all ages. 

Obviously, this is one of those things a guy like me views as one of those amazing, unexpected things New York City has that never fails to amaze me. I first heard of the facility in the early 2000s from a co-worker who lived in the Bronx. I found it hard to believe, but when I drove to the city once I did exit 9A at Broadway in Riverdale and there it was. As you’ll see in the video, it is right there on Broadway with a fence and hedge between horse farm and Gotham.

As you’ll see in the video I took, the place could be anywhere-Kentucky, Upstate, you name it. That is, until the camera pans out toward the street. If you thought the Bronx was just a concrete jungle, you were wrong.