Active Rain April 3, 2010

Why I Love to Work on My Yard

This post is inspired by Richard Weisser’s excellent piece on his upcoming Spring yard work. I really don’t have the time or energy right now to stop and become my own part-time landscaper, but the time that I do take working in my yard are times I relish. 

I’ll be planting a lilac from an oversized pot it has lived in for the past 3 years when I transplanted it from my old home. It was adopted from a patch of lilac my mother planted there in the 1950’s when they first moved from Yonkers to Ossining. When I put my mother’s lilac in the ground, it will grow. It will not send me a memo after 4 weeks informing me that the file is still missing a 1099. The due diligence of lilac is soil, water, and sunlight.

This is a picture I took this morning of the wood I split myself, without a power splitter, with mostly a sledge and wedge. 


I made the rack the wood rests on myself also. It is about 40 feet wide. It never called me to inform me that it met with an attorney who recommended a different agent. What isn’t in the photo is all the wood we burned already. I loved splitting that wood. Difficult pieces with big knots became easy once I pretended they were lawyers. 

Nature has few technicalities and stipulations beyond the obvious and basic. It is refreshingly simple, reliable, and consistent. When I put something in the ground, it grows. When I prune something, it becomes beautiful. 

Do I need a vacation? Probably. Will I enjoy the times I am alone with my family, working in the yard? Definitely.