Active Rain March 27, 2010

Nyack, NY: For Sale by Owner vs Broker Revisited

This past December I blogged about 2 neighboring homes for sale in Nyack, NY that were featured in a New York Times article discussing the merits of using a broker to sell a home and the reasons people sell by owner. The homes were side by side; I was familiar with both, and even showed the one listed to buyers last autumn. 

I was in the neighborhood again yesterday, and what I found was worth capturing with a photo. 

Nyack 42 44 Voorhis

Yes: The home listed with the broker, my capable friends at Wright Brothers in Nyack, is under contract at an asking price of $839,000. The FSBO remains unsold, according to the owner’s website, at $795,000. Unless the REALTOR-listed home sold for considerably under contract, where is the savings

Will the NY Times do a follow up article on how this shook out? I doubt it. 

Meanwhile, the FSBO is still in limbo, unsold (if the website is accurate; If sold also, it can’t be for more than 795k), unlisted, and, save for the owner websites, invisible to the buying public, with an amateur at the rudder of the ship. 

Savings, I suppose, is in the eye of the beholder.