Active Rain March 26, 2010


This past November I blogged my thoughts on eclipsing 100,000 points on ActiveRain and, more importantly, the good things that occurred on the way. Today, 4 months and a day later, I hit 200,000 points. More happy things have happened out of my blogging efforts. A few highlights:

  • I might write about this after it closes, but one buyer who found me online and asked to work with me just got his mortgage commitment on a new purchase. He started his search for an agent online and found my blog. His initial email was such a validation of my online efforts I am still smiling about it 6 weeks later. When I get his permission I’ll reproduce it. 
  • I’ll blog about this after it closes as well, but I recently listed a beautiful property without having to make a presentation. I was just called over to price and list it. The pre-listing package, if you will, was already online. No one needed to be convinced.  
  • I was quoted in an MSN Money article on the real estate market one month ago.
  • I am quoted in April 2010’s REALTOR Magazine.
  • We continue to receive referrals; I don’t have time to count. Regardless, we greatly appreciate those who think of me when they think Westchester County, NY (and surrounding areas) real estate. 
  • We continue to bring aboard good agents. This April we will hit 21 excellent people on the team. The most recent team member walked in and asked to associate after his old firm closed. My blog is a great recruiting tool because it allows agents to “interview” me. 
  • I have opened a branch office in Upper Manhattan. Two dynamic agents are on that growing team. That’s a series of blogs for another time, believe me.


Outside of business we have made great connections with fellow ‘Rainers. They have been a great source of support, morale boosting, and friendship.

  • Ann and I have connected with fellow parents of children with autism. I wish we had more time to communicate; sadly, self-employment and autism don’t help in the spare time department. However, the fellowship of just knowing that there are those like us out there helps enormously. 
  • I have broken bread recently with Eileen Hsu and Morgan Evans and Loreena and Mike Yao. I also met many others at Raincamp NYC. 
  • I have had phone conversations with a number of ActiveRainers, including Lenn Harley, Irene Kennedy, & Barb Szabo on ways either I could help them or vice versa, or just to share a laugh. 
  • Countless emails and tokens of support and friendship. In this market, smiles make a difference.  
  • We have even received a wedding invitation, which we greatly appreciate (can you say “date night”). 

This is not about points, but the great things that happen as they accumulate. AR is not a blogging platform or SEO and networking tool as much as it is a community. Ann and I are grateful to be part of it. It all comes from putting yourself out there, consistently. 

I like money, friendship and smiles. That’s why I am here.