Active Rain March 24, 2010

Port Chester Real Estate Market

We have just closed on 155 North Regent Street in Port Chester, and to celebrate that closing I’ll post a rundown of the real estate market in that distinguished village. Port Chester has a warm place in my heart. It was where “the office” was where my father worked when I was a child. Whenever I think of Port Chester, I think of my Dad, young and healthy. 

Port Chester borders Greenwich, Connecticut on the Byram River. It has a very vibrant, charming downtown, and plenty of pre-war architecture. 

Downtown Port Chester

It has some fantastic dining, including the Willett House, which I have posted on before. One notable landmark of the village is the “Lifesaver Building,” a condominium which was the actual home of Lifesavers candy when I was a kid. 

Lifesaver Building  Landmark Square

On to the data:

There are 94 single family homes available for sale in the Post Chester school district. The median price for a single family home is $485,000. 4 others are pending sale, and 26 homes have sold in the past 6 months for a median price of $422,500. In the corresponding period (9/24/08 through 3/23/09) there were 23 sales for a median price of $440,000. Transaction totals are up a tick, and median price is down 4%- not terribly bad in light of the economy. 

With 94 single family units to choose from, Port Chester offers plenty of possibility. And good food.