Active Rain March 23, 2010 is Live and Running

To get the word out about the FREE Westchester County home buyer seminar this coming April 7 at 6pm at the Tuscan Grille in Briarcliff Manor, we have set up

The Keys to Home Ownership Seminar

The theme of the seminar, The Keys, is very appropriate. The “key” to getting your own set of “keys” to a home is the knowledge that comes from a well presented seminar that breaks the process down so that all the ambiguity, stress, and mystery are taken out in place of good instruction, coaching and know-how. If I know it, you’ll know it. 


  • No more wondering what is next. You’ll already know. The whole sequence is spelled out A-Z. 
  • No more stressful waiting until your agent or lender calls back- you can anticipate the next step with knowledge instead of scratching your head.
  • You’ll understand the terminology, and what it really means to buy a short sale or REO. 
  • Once you understand the process, you can relax and have fun finding a home. You can negotiate from a position of knowledge as well. 
As Sy Syms says, an educated consumer is the best customer. The Keys seminar will get you educated on an endeavor which is all to often shrouded in mystery and stress.