Active Rain March 20, 2010

Urban Deer: A Herd of Them… in YONKERS!?

While driving up Broadway in Yonkers yesterday I spotted some deer grazing on the lawn of the Richmond Children’s Center. I thought I’d stop to take a quick snapshot, when I realized that this wasn’t a deer or two that wandered, it was SEVEN of them, grazing quite brazenly, in an area that is virtually miles from woods and is densely developed. I was not alone; others stopped to see this rare sight.  

Yet again, Yonkers surprises me. 

My parents met and married while living in Yonkers- I have deep roots there. I am working on a deal not far from the neighborhood. Yesterday was a hectic day, but this incredible sight was food for the soul in the midst of the chaos. The lady across the street at the end of the video lives right nearby and she said this was the first time she had ever seen that many deer in the area. They would have had to cross a bridge just to get there, unless they just walked down Broadway.

Incidentally, this is THE Broadway, the continuation of Broadway in Manhattan, which goes all the way to Albany. 

Perhaps they were on their way to an audition and were taking a break. They sure didn’t have stage fright. 



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