Active Rain March 16, 2010

Meet Mr Big Mouth

The gentleman pictured here is at the pre-close walkthrough of one of my listings which recently closed. He’s not the buyer. He isn’t the buyer’s agent. He’s the loan officer. I won’t name him here, but let’s call him Mr. Big Mouth. 

Mr Big Mouth

Mr Big Mouth, so far as I can tell, is a competent loan originator, and the buyer’s financing was no issue throughout the process. However, Mr. Big Mouth decided that being a competent loan originator isn’t enough, and that he’d like to play home inspector and real estate broker also. This much is certain- he’s no psychologist. If he were, Mr. Big Mouth would know that people who are about to close on a home are under “stress” in many cases, and that pointing out every picayune dust bunny or mentioning that we’ll probably “need an electrician” for a bad light bulb is probably a bad idea. 

Anyway, Mr. Big Mouth contributed to the adjournment of the closing from 11am until 4pm when a $500 escrow probably would have sufficed. We’ll never know. What we do know is that Mr. Big Mouth decided that playing his position in a transaction is not enough, and even looking out for his borrower isn’t enough. What is more fun to Mr. Big Mouth is to pretend he’s a lawyer, real estate agent, electrician and home inspector on the morning of a closing. 

Mr Big Mouth put me on his email list that morning, and I promptly unsubscribed. Mr. Big Mouth will never get a loan referral from me. Mr. Big Mouth isn’t even worth a mention were it not for the fact that sometimes you need a good vent. 

Vent concluded.