Active Rain March 13, 2010

Our Growing Team

J. Philip Real Estate wishes to welcome the following new agents to our growing team of professionals:

Briarcliff Manor Office:

  • Cristina Gameiro
  • Vivian Morales-Guerrero
  • Ozichi Alimole
  • Joseph Tucci
Manhattan Office: 
  • Sasha Gaertner-Zambrano
  • Aricely Alcaide
Cristina has just listed a great new home in Peekskill. Vivian closed her first transaction with the company today. Joe Tucci has listed 2 properties since joining us a few weeks ago. Sasha has already helped bring in a listing of $575,000, and Aricely has been with us for just 2 days.
Yes, we have an office in Manhattan, on Amsterdam Avenue and 186th in the very northern part of the island in the historic area of Fort George, just south of Inwood and near the George Washington Bridge. Ann and I are very excited about this. She is a native of NYC and loves that we are able to grow the company in an area close to her heart. We’ll be posting on developments down there and develop a new blogging identity for the venture as it takes root. 
Prior to blogging, a project like this would be unthinkable. However, our efforts have not brought us to expansion as much as they have brought the expansion to us. I truly believe that the tools I have at my disposal will enable me to grow market share for less money and grunt work than the traditional means I cut my teeth on for many years. This doesn’t mean we won’t work hard; we will work plenty hard. But we’ll also be working really smart. 
George Washington Bridge