Active Rain March 8, 2010

Ossining Co op Report

Ossining is one of the few places in Northern Westchester County with many cooperative apartments. The Village of Ossining actually has hundreds of co ops, and given the prices of Westchester County homes, they are often viewed as the starter home for our area. 

Active Listings: 46    Median List Price: $144,950

Pending Sale: 3

Sold units since January 1, 2010: 2

Most available co ops are 2 or 3 bedrooms in apartment buildings. 

Some 2009 statistics for context:

Sold 1 bedroom co ops: 9.   Median Price: $122.000

Sold 2 bedroom co ops:  15.  Median price: $147,000

Sold 3 Bedroom co ops: 6.   Median Price: $205,000

If you want a co op and don’t want to live in southern Westchester, Ossining is one of the best options with the most choices.