Active Rain March 7, 2010

A Day in the Life

There is no typical day. Consider Friday: 

2am: Finished blog post “J. Philip Real Estate is Growing.”

2:30-7am: Sleep

7am: School morning scramble-Luke, Catherine and Gregory on the school bus by 8am.

10am: Meet with client in Manhattan. Photos taken of new co op listing.

12 noon: Lunch in Queens, handle a call where an agent cannot confirm a showing on my listing. 

1pm: Meet with new client and an attorney in Flushing. They are in serious default and must file to block an imminent foreclosure sale. Once the stay is granted Monday, I will activate their listing. I have to sell it in 90 days or more legal fees. 

3pm: Meet with a prospective new agent and her husband, who is a loan officer. We inspect office space for a future branch if she joins the firm. This would give us a new presence in north Manhattan.

<3:30 call interrupts our meeting- accepted offer for one of my buyers.>  

5:30: Pre-close walk through in White Plains with first time home buyers. There is no lockbox when we arrive. Listing agent saves the day in 5 minutes. Seller has not yet removed furniture. Closing is imminent. 

7pm: In Poughkeepsie to meet with homeowners about selling their house. 

8-9pm: Long discussion with buyer clients on way home to discuss strategy on negotiations on their recent offer on a home. 

9pm: Home. 3 of 4 children still awake-hey, it’s Friday.

9:30-1am: Blog, comment, update website, answer emails. 


Miles driven: Approximately 100

Incoming cell calls: 54

Emails: 100

I am worth every penny.