Active Rain March 4, 2010

My Wood Stove Fetish

Although people don’t realize it, Westchester County does have plenty of homes with wood stoves. Many are decorative, some are even antique cast iron parlor stoves, but most can and do augment the heating of the home. There is nothing like walking into a toasty, warm living room with the thermostat down to 60 degrees and the owner smiling that the heating bill will be low. Since we bought our home in 2007, one of the things on the short list for improvements was a wood stove insert for the fireplace. It hasn’t been done yet. However, I do possess a gorgeous antique parlor stove that is not hooked up, but will be at some point. 

Parlor Stove

Until it is installed, it keeps me company in my home office. I actually bought this on eBay in early 2008. I had to drive to Vermont to pick it up, and the owner had used it as his primary heat for his home. It is a nickel-plated beauty. When the time comes, it will be set up in the corner of the basement and go back into service. I remember how it’s owner, a New Englander, expected the Patriots to kill the Giants in the Superbowl. Funny how these things stick with you. 

I have another one in my office, which gives it a very homey feeling (good for a real estate office). It isn’t as elaborate, but these things weigh a ton, and I choose my back over anything too fancy when it comes to moving them. I also have a small 6-inch antique replica (salesman’s model) I keep on my desk. It is quite the conversation piece, and it always reminds me of warmth. People kid me about this stuff, but I love those old wood stoves. Max does too, as his bed is often nearby. I haven’t the heart to tell him the thing isn’t lit. 

Max wants in   Max and the Wood Stove