Active Rain March 3, 2010

Want to Sell? Let People In.

I got an email earlier this evening asking for a release from a seller client because they aren’t happy with the job I’m doing. They want to fire me. The house isn’t sold, and I have not shown it myself. Since 2005, I have cancelled a handful of listings, giving unconditional releases to problem clients just to get rid of them. However, in this case I am undecided as to whether or not I’ll grant their wish. I would never be spiteful, but in the same vein I feel I should put my foot down. Of the 23 requests to show the home since January 1st of this year ( 1 showing every 2.6 days), they have agreed to fewer than 10 actual showings

Just so you know, 23 showing requests in 60 days is pretty awesome, especially with the awful weather we’ve had in our area. The fact that I haven’t brought a prospect myself is a red herring; serious buyers often get picked up by agents quickly around here. My marketing must be working because buyers are calling their agent to see the house.  

How can people buy a home that won’t grant them access? There is more than one owner, but only one lives in the house. She declines appointments the way Elvis popped pills. It makes no sense. They want to sell, they need to sell, but they don’t confirm appointments. Fantastic marketing is getting squandered. So why not just let them go? Perhaps I will. But first, I’m going to meet with both owners and go over the showing reports. I want one to see how many appointments her co-owner is declining. Maybe it will be a teachable moment. I hope it is. If it isn’t, I may just shake their dust from my shoes and focus on clients who appreciate my efforts.

 People won't buy what they can't see