Active Rain February 16, 2010

Chocolate Chalet in Briarcliff Manor, NY

My name is Phil and I am addicted to chocolate. My mother was the same way. I got Jeanne’s gene. When you have a homemade confectionery on the same road as your office, the power of suggestion can be compelling. Especially around Valentine’s Day, when justification for indulgence seems so…reasonable. 

Chocolate Chalet

Chocolate Chalet has been a fixture in Briarcliff since I was a kid. I know my mother went there. I know it. It isn’t just that the place sells chocolate. You can get the store stuff anywhere. What is so appealing about Chocolate Chalet is that they sell really ridiculously delicious, homemade, Sammy Davis Junior- sings- about it- chocolate. This is the sort of treasure that, once nibbled upon, would make you feel cheated that you didn’t discover the place earlier. It is that good. It is delicious. Decadent. Exquisite. Luscious. Scrumptious. Dreamy. Yummy. Willy Wonka would walk out of this place in tears muttering he’s not worthy. I feel dirty just sharing it with you. I want it for myself. But, thank goodness, they keep making more. 

Chocolate Creations

And the taste is just the beginning. They are so creative. I mean, some boxes were made of chocolate. Want a piquant mint or raspberry jelly? They got it. Truffles? Of course. Coconut? They have chewy and crunchy. I’m a milk chocolate guy, but they also have dark chocolate too. No matter the flavor,  the presentation is done to perfection. I never thought I’d ever use the phrase, but they stage their chocolate. 

Chocolate Treasure

I don’t know how to make homemade chocolate. I don’t know what sort of hypnosis they must use on the counter workers to prevent them from becoming addicted, or morbidly obese. These are mysteries of the universe to me, like quarks, relativity and ontological metaphysics. I am just glad someone unlocks the door of this place every morning and lovingly decorates the front window with each season so I can indulge. 

You need to experience True Love. You need to see the Grand Canyon. The same goes for Mardis Gras.This place belongs on your bucket list also, even if you live on the west coast. Or Australia. 

Chocolate Chalet 74 N State Rd Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510 (914) 941-4607