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Where is Westchester County, New York?

Westchester County is the first county north of New York City. Westchester’s southernmost border is with the New York City borough of the Bronx. To the east, several municipalities are on the shoreline of the Long Island Sound and the rest of the eastern towns border Fairfield County, Connecticut. Putnam County is to the north. The western part of Westchester all lies on the banks of the Hudson River (one reason the area is often referred to as the Hudson Valley), with Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ across the river.

Because it is “upstate” from Long Island and NY City, it is often referred to as Upstate New York by the folks down there. However, Westchester County is not upstate New York. My wife, who grew up in Queens, is one of the people who have successfully dispensed with this notion.    

Where is Westchester    Where is Westchester County NY?

Because of its close proximity to Manhattan and convenient commuting location, it is one of the largest and most affluent counties in the state, indeed in the country. Because of this popularity, no fewer than three commuter train lines run through: The Hudson line runs along the river communities on the river, making it one of the prettier rides, the Harlem line runs through the central part of the county, and the New Haven line runs through the southern shore towns on to Connecticut. 

The county is punctuated by vibrant cities, bucolic towns and charming villages. You could drive 15 minutes and pass horse farms, high rise condos, and everything in between. It is the epitome of the real estate phrase “location, location, location,” because residents benefit from being less than an hour (far less in the southern towns) from Grand Central Station, putting a trip to Broadway, the Arts, museums, and the most amazing array of restaurants tantalizingly close in Manhattan. Westchester is also a close drive to the beauty of the Catskills and the Hudson Valley, Connecticut and New Jersey. 

I grew up in Ossining, NY located right in the center of the county, so I might be biased in my opinion, but having lived elsewhere for many years I am happy to call Westchester home. 

Westchester County

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