Active Rain January 21, 2010

Blogging as a Hiring Tool

This is inspired by Richard Weisser’s outstanding blog piece about, well, blogging. It is admirable the way his blog has built his personal brand. 

A real estate broker is always recruiting people in 3 categories: sellers, buyers, and salespeople. Hiring, however, always seems to come as an afterthought, especially to an independent firm. We don’t have in-house recruiters the way larger franchises do. Yet I have been getting new agents to join my company with my blog. Last year I heard an agent tell me for the first time that she liked my blog and wanted to work for me. This month, we’ve put on three new agents and have another waiting in the wings. 

It isn’t a mystery why. Our blogs are a look inside, without a needy posture, about the kind of brokers we are, and how we do business. Any agent that is “looking” will appreciate the opportunity get the free, unrehearsed glimpses. The interviews have been easy, because the recruiting pitch is not needed- they already know me. We can get on to more substantive things, and they have thus far his the ground running. 

I’m not sure that there is anything different to ‘do’ with regard to blogging and hiring, except to simply let people know you are hiring in your blog. You might be surprised at who wants to know.