Active Rain January 15, 2010

NYC Raincamp ’10

I was one of the attendees that the Raincamp in New York this past Tuesday in Manhattan.

I wanted to leave at noon.  

Did it suck? No, I wanted to start implementing this stuff right away

If you’ve never been to RainCamp and are wondering if it is worthwhile, I’ll say this: If you’ve ever wished that someone who is actually doing this would just take and day and walk you through the nuts and bolts of selling real estate in 2010, then you would have had your head explode at this event. I’m a tough sell; moreover, I’m totally ADD and many of the seminars and educational events I’ve attended have either bored, disappointed, or both. This thing had me engaged the whole time. I’m literally exhausted 2 days later, and all I did was sit for 8 hours! 

Did I catch up with people I already know and done business with? Yes. 

Did I meet people for the first time in person? Absolutely. And that means a great deal. Being 6 chairs down from C-Tann Starr and watching her accept my Facebook friend request in real time was a trip. Hearing Sheldon Neal’s British accent while shaking his hand was great. Seeing the Somers Team sit directly in front of me was a hoot. I could name drop for quite a while, but you get the point. 

But I didn’t get into real estate to hug C-Tann Starr or kibitz with Sheldon about fatherhood. I got into this business to make money. So here’s the bottom line: Ben Kinney, the main presenter, is walking the talk. He sells real estate right now, and showed us how he does it. 


  • Ever wonder how to make money on Facebook? That was here.
  • Ever wonder how to make money on Twitter? That was covered. 
  • Interested in getting to the top of Google? Covered. 
  • Wonder what to blog about and how to blog? Check. 
  • Is there a website to help with one thing or another? Brother, my bookmarks are now bulging with gold nuggets. 
  • Are you getting the picture? 
There was no sales pitch. There was no long wind up to a $500 coaching program, books, tapes, or membership in some online sales clique. It was knowledge and tools, pure and simple, and they did it for a full day. 
One last thing: There were some newbies there. New licenses, never blogged, and one guy who was a week away from MLS codes. These people will learn a different industry from what I learned in 1996, and they’ll be the better for it. We veterans have to catch up, and this was a great way to begin the process.