Active Rain January 11, 2010

The Sale Killer Who Made Me Smile

All agents have stories of a first time home buyer who brings a relative to see the property, only to have the them kill the sale via skepticism, negativity or just sowing the seeds of doubt. It is part of the business. I’ve never enjoyed it, obviously, but today something happened that made me smile in spite of myself. 

A nice young lady looking for her first co op asked me to schedule a 2nd showing on a unit in the same complex where her friend bought. The place needed work, but we thought it might be worth it for the right price. When we met up this morning, she told me her father would be along soon. I didn’t give it much thought one way or the other. 

When he arrived, we shook hands and she started to show him around. 

He hated the place. 

But here’s the thing: he wasn’t a jerk about it. As a matter of fact, the guy struck me as as incredibly sincere and authentic. He actually made me think of how I’d see a place my own daughter might consider buying, and how I’d evaluate it myself. He was concerned for her safety, first and foremost, with a sliders to a patio facing a busy street on the ground level. He was also concerned about her experience of ownership with the layout and repairs needed.

I couldn’t find fault with anything he said. He doesn’t owe me a fast commission, he owes his daughter his best judgment. We chatted a bit about his 5 children, all grown, 3 of whom are daughters. There was no pretense about this man. The job was to watch out for his kid, period. 

When we were done, she asked me about another complex. Nothing was really lost, and as a matter of fact I’m richer for the experience. I hope she brings him the next time.